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Family Dog Mediation


You want to meet your dog's needs wholeheartedly? 

Your dog simply doesn't seem to understand what you want? 

You are having a new puppy and want to be sure to raise them right? 

Traditional dog training makes you a little uncomfortable? 

Here's how we can help you!

Guardianship is an agreement with our dogs. It’s saying to them that we are here on this Earth together until the first of us leaves it. It’s accepting that many of them wouldn’t survive given the freedom of their wild cousins yet knowing that freedom is still so very important to them and facilitating it as much as we possibly can.

Join us on a journey towards harmony and learn how you can build the very best life for you and your dog together.


Learn to be your dog's best friend. In your own space in your own time.

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Book an online family dog mediation consultation.


We are family dog mediators, writers and educators.  

Our mission is to bring the most up to date, ethical and kind dog knowledge to you. Our aim in Good Guardianship is to bypass the pressures of traditional dog training and go straight to interpreting your dog in a way you can understand and work with, we help you to learn together. 

So get in touch today and let's see how we can help you. 


Sally is a dog writer, obsessed with studying, sharing that knowledge, and her ageing terrier Mr Chips. 

With many certifications, lots of enthusiasm and empathy, Sally can help you understand your dog's needs without putting any pressure on either of you. 

You can see Sally's published books below


Jay is a perennial student, always looking to expand her knowledge and share it through her writing. One complex dog, Finn, has led her journey to find canine understanding.

This has developed into a passion for helping others find that same understanding, building their very best lives possible together.

Jay's published books can be found below

Wow!! I started this book a few hours ago and I can’t put it down!! This is the book that the owners of fearful dogs have been waiting for, it’s based on the latest scientific research, yet is incredibly easy to read and informative, without dumbing down the fascinating scientific principles of behaviour.

Laura - Amazon Reviewer

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