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Good Guardianship Store

Good Guardianship aims to educate guardians and caregivers, spreading the message of kind and ethical life with dogs. To help take that message wider we have a store with designs aimed at getting that positive information out there to as many people as possible and, by extension, helping as many dogs and their families to have a great life together. Have a look and see how you can help spread the message and help people and dogs live in harmony


Graphic Designs

Fun designs that will get noticed while also telling the world about how great the canine-human relationship can be and how much we love our dogs.

All Designs Available In Both Men's & Women's Clothing

There's a number of styles available available in each range, including t-shirt, long sleeve t-shirts, crew neck jumpers and hoodies, in a selection of colours.

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Simple, Impactful Text Designs

If a graphic design isn't your thing, we also have simple slogan shirts, helping to tell the world what our dogs need with a minimum of fuss.

Cotton Tote Bags

Our designs are all available on cotton tote bags, so you can limit your plastic usage while spreading the Good Guardianship message. The packaging used is also sustainable, cutting back even further on the plastic! 

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