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Training & Behaviour

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Behaviour Consultations

If aspects of life with your dogs are difficult, I am here to help. Using only kind and ethical methods and taking the time to find out what you and your dogs really need, I will come up with a plan to help you live in harmony, or direct you to a specialist if needed.

One to One Training

If you are struggling with aspects of your dog's training and not making the progress you would like, I can help. With private one to one sessions and patient empathetic instruction I will help you through rough patches and on to a more harmonious partnership.

Canine reactivity Speacialist badge.png
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Reactive Dog Support

Dogs known as 'reactive', the ones who find their world scary and difficult, are my passion. I know that feeling of being on the other end of the lead, the isolation and embarrassment that can occur. Having had that experience myself means I am perfectly placed to help you and your dog as you try to improve your relationship with the outside world and the things that your dogs find difficult.

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