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Living with a reactive dog can be hard.


Seeing your canine family member scared or seeming aggressive can leave you feeling like you don’t know which way to turn or how to help. Living with a reactive dog can also feel isolating and distressing for the human too. We are here to help so you both feel happier. 

Does your dog:

  • Bark at people, dogs, things out the window and you aren’t sure why? 

  • Seem hyper-vigilant when you’re out on your walks including looking anxious or looking ready for a fight? 

  • Hide behind you and seem reluctant to go anywhere? 

  • Try to get to the end of the lead to get away from or get at approaching dogs or people? 

  • Run away from from approaching dogs or people?

The good news is that your dog is not ‘nasty’ or ‘bad’ – they are more likely to be scared or anxious, and there are things we can do to help this. It can get better!

Jay Gurden is a specialist reactivity behaviour consultant, published reactivity author, tutor to up and coming behavioural consultants and has first hand experience of living with a reactive dog. There are few better placed to help you on your journey to having a happier dog than Jay.

Her books and one to one services:

  • Help your dog to feel safer and more comfortable in their world.

  • Support them as they learn the triggers of their fear are not scary.

  • Help them to discover that the world outside their front door can be a fun place to be!

Why pick virtual training for working with reactive dogs?

  • Less stress if your dog is worried by new people.

  • More value and access to support in a virtual programme than in person.

  • More likely to have success.

  • Instant access through message support to the trainer in your pocket!

Working with canine reactive behaviours does not come with any quick fixes. The process takes time but, done carefully and by working within the dog’s limitations and helping them to realise that we have their backs and will keep them safe, it is absolutely effective.

Jay will:


  • Help you to understand when your dog is telling you they feel unsure and unsafe.

  • Give you tools to get out of those difficult situations and avoid them before trouble can start.

  • Give you tools to help your dog’s (and your) stress levels to reduce.

  • Help you and your dog start to realise that the scary things don’t have to be scary.

  • Increase the amount of time your dog is comfortable around their triggers and let them get closer.

  • Help both you and your dog to enjoy going out together instead of living in dread of the daily walk.

About Jay:


Having that experience of living with a dog scared of elements of the world, and the extensive learning that he needed me to seek out to help him, means that I am perfectly placed to support both you and your dog with understanding and empathy. I know that progress is not always linear, and some days it can all feel too much, what you need is someone who understands to talk to, and to reassure you that you are doing the right things and it can get better. I will be here for you every step of the way, with advice, training tips, and support.


I offer several different support packages*. All start with:


  • 1 hour initial consultation

  • Follow up report

  • Online check ins

  • Personalised training plans

  • Video reviews

  • Access to message support (unlimited)

Contact me to book your free pre-consultation chat, and start looking towards a wider world for you and your dog!

*Accepting cases may be subject to a health check with your dog’s veterinary surgeon.

Jay's books on canine reactive behaviours:


A guide to recognising your dog is fearful and advice to aid in finding the help and support needed to improve life for both you and your reactive dog. This book will support you on every step of the journey.

Understanding png.png

Learn how fear, anxiety and stress affect dogs. Discover how to help a reactive dog develop a better relationship with the world. Finish reading this book  with a better understanding of reactive dogs.

*Ebooks available at a range of stores, paperbacks via Amazon. Understanding Reactive Dogs also available in hardcover.

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