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Naughty Dog – Or A Dog In Pain

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Should dog behaviourists and trainers learn signs of pain? Yes, of course, they should, and they have a professional ethic to consider pain when working with any dog.

Dogs have been artificially selected to look a certain way and fed poor quality, well-packaged food long enough to affect their generational health, including their joint health. Yet we still see people trying to change their behaviour without considering they might be in pain, most recently on TV, and I’m saddened to say.

Legislation must fill the gap between many active professional dog trainers and dog welfare once and for all.

I live with older dogs with joint problems. This house has slipping knees, spine issues, and joint dysplasia.

We have walk reluctance, growling, sound sensitivity and excessive barking. All of those could be considered dogs are behaving very badly if we were uneducated.

We educate ourselves, though, and because of that, we have regular vet visits, managed walks, physiotherapy, exercises, supplements and painkillers. We are always all on a diet for our health.

Our home is bursting with rugs and stairs onto the sofa and beds.

Just the thought of our dogs being called names, pushed, punished, and their beneficial life changes removed, well, there is no word for how sad and angry that makes me.

Yet this h